SEVAN has special knack for all kinds of Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection for civil construction and Oil & Gas such as Tank Construction including hydro testing, Rehabilitation & Sandblasting, Marine Engineering, and Under Water repairs, Dredging, Jetty Building, Barges and Dredging Pumps. We have participated in and executed Multi-Million Naira projects with several corporate Bodies and Clients within the Public and Private Sectors with our tested and experienced personnel. We have been able to excel in our chosen profession.

The Company has, during its existence in Nigeria, been involved in a number of activities ranging from bridge building to factory structures, storage tanks, conveyor systems, dust extraction ducts in cement factories and many other steel products such as manufacturing of all kinds of Semi Trailers and rigid bodies.

Our construction techniques are continuously updated with the latest technologies in the field of structural steel construction. Our work process allows us to deliver quality materials that are in line with our client’s requirements and leaves nothing to doubt in our integrity as an entity.

Our designs and shop pre-fabrication works are carried out with the aim of achieving minimal fabrication or adjustment works for the erection site thereby reducing overcrowding on site while maximizing risks of delays during the erection phase of projects.


SEVAN unlike many other competitors uses the latest equipments to offer a claimless, defect free and user-friendly product.

The latest equipments are not only a marketing tool, this is mainly an engineering device that ensure the design is free from hidden defects and unnoticed weakness. It calculates all different ratios (flexibility, torsion, flexion and resistance) enabling us to manufacture a high-end quality product that meets and even exceeds our customers’ expectations.

This also allows us to cover all SEVAN products by a comprehensive 06-months warranty period on all steel components and engineering defects. No wonder why all our major suppliers agreed to extend their guarantee to meet our complete warranty policy, replying on a solid design department.

Pre-Fabrication & Erection

At this stage, steel is transformed to geometrical shapes before revolving into a structural roof trusses, tanker, and tipper or through computerized CNC machineries where human error is avoided and workflow is guaranteed.

SEVAN invests heavily in new equipments that are backed by a state-of-the-art that aims at assuring defect-free products and a continuous production flow for a higher output without compromising on quality.


Production processes following stringent international standards and parameters from welding to finishing and in between all other processes such as assembly, blasting, painting, testing and finishing.

Moreover, SEVAN adopts many environmental friendly procedures from painting to industrial waste management to help preserve the environment.

SEVAN has always stressed the importance of Teamwork and Coordination between departments. Our staff is committed to the follow-up of the different phases of an order/contract: from the customer’s confirmation up until final delivery, all departments are aware of the importance of their contribution. SEVAN also makes sure that its staff receives regular training from international consultants to adhere with its constant quality requirements.

It is the policy of SEVAN to produce and supply goods and services of the highest quality consistently throughout all operations. Our continuous presence among our customers allows us to understand their problems and enables us to provide complete solutions. Consultancy and experience sharing is one of our main “0ff-business” activities that we gladly share with our customer.

SEVAN is operating in 15,000 square meters of workshop with complete tooling and modern machinery including 140 skilled workers consisting of both experienced “Old Timers” and a younger generation full of new ideas, in concert with design and plant engineers which produce a wide variety of quality products under ISO 9001:2015 control procedures.